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Project Description
A code generation tool with a granular approach encouraging evolution in individual components. The generation engine and templates are based on VB9.0 XML literals which gives the most robust and powerful generation engine to date. Templates are created against isolated metadata models allowing a plug and play approach to metadata sources.

Be sure to read the Build Notes before attempting to build the project - or you will almost certainly fail!

Note from Kathleen:

_One of the rules of CodePlex is that you have to post your project within 30 days of opening it. This is probably a very good rule, however it has been very painful for us. I had prototyped the things in this project in samples for my blog and felt very optimistic. However, immediately after posting to the private group, I realized based on their feedback that the project needed restructuring. Between this and getting the infrastructure back working on the projects I’m using as test beds, it’s been a tough thirty days and the rest of the group has not had a stable build long enough to contribute. Thus I take complete responsibility for the weakness of this CTP.
I’ve elected to release only source code at this time. This is because if you want an automatic solution that works with your projects you should wait for the next CTP.
On the other hand, there is stuff in this build worth releasing as long as you recognize it as an early CTP._


This March CTP focuses on two core features:

- Isolated metadata model
- Template infrastructure

These are the two aspects of the system that most affect templates.

The remaining portions of the CTP exist only to allow creation and running of templates.

- User interface – OK, we know it’s hopeless. Look for a new version in April or May
- Generation engine – it doesn’t include System.Addin so your assemblies aren’t unloaded.
- Metadata – only my historic metadata is currently supported. We anticipate EDMX and perhaps other support in April (See Legacy Tools)
- Language neutral, C#/VB templates – not active in this CTP.
- Samples – only one lonely sample right now

We’ve got a ways to go with this; the important thing in this CTP is having a stable core of metadata/infrastructure to build templates on. That’s the first step. Many steps remain.

If you're dying to get started - download the source, follow the Build Notes, check out the Directions and see a discussion of the Sample Select Stored Procedure Template.

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