Build Notes

The code exists in two projects: FullProject under the Trunk and LegacyTools under LegacyTools. These are separate because this CTP is built on my past code gen tool. The old stuff is being replaced as part of the conversion, but of course this takes time. This CTP focuses on the core isolated metadata, template support infrastructure, and engine structure. The old metadata extraction tools are still used. These are caught in a web of dependencies in the old project. To give an idea of scope, there are 1000 files in the legacy stuff and 500 in the new, so there is a ton of crap we’re getting rid of. We don't want to contaminate the new project with this old crap, which results in the two projects which complicates the build.

To build, follow these instructions:
  1. Open Visual Studio 2008 with the Trunk/FullProject.sln
  2. Open a second instance of Visual Studio 2008 with Trunk/LegacyMetadataTools/LegacyTools.sln
  3. Rebuild solution the LegacyTools solution. If it doesn’t build, report the problems
  4. In the FullProject solution, in the SimpleUI project, set a reference
    1. Right click, and Add a reference
    2. Go to the Browse tab
    3. Go up to the trunk and down to reference to Trunk/LegacyMetadataTools/LogicWrappers2008/bin/debug
    4. Set a reference to LogicWrappers2008.dll
  5. Set SimpleUI as the startup project
  6. Rebuild Solution on FullProject

Go next to Directions to get started.

I look forward to any comments you may have. Please keep expectations reasonable. We’ve concentrated on a solid metadata and template infrastructure framework as well as a lot of work (some of which is not yet released around System.AddIn usage) on how the engine will work.

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