Legacy Stuff

From a practical perspective, you can ignore the thousand or so files in trunk/LegacyMetadataTools

There’s a pile of legacy stuff that’s in the project right now because we need to do some sort of metadata extraction and morphing. Reusing this old code allowed us to focus on the critical areas of metadata models, template infrastructure, and laying the groundwork for a robust engine. The legacy mapping depends on an ORM file which must be present (see directions). The ORMFile is a pain to use. In April this will either be replaced or documented to allow mapping.

The legacy stuff is in a separate solution. Please see the Build Notes to see how to manage this separate solution during the build. The LogicWrapper2008 project provides a temporary bridge to the legacy stuff. This limits the dependencies between these two sections. It also hides the complexity of the legacy interfaces. The dozens of switches and dials which made up this very confusing interface are being reconsidered based on new ideas of decision responsibility. Look for more later. In the short term, I’ve hardcoded the most likely values into the LogicWrapper.

Because this is in a separate solution, the reference will easily become broken (let me know if you solve this) and debugging will be a pain. However, this is preferable to contaminating the new project with the old crap, all of this is slated for rewrite, hopefully with the EF modelers.

The legacy stuff exists in the LegacyMetadataTools directory.

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