Template Infrastructure

The template infrastructure is in the TemplateSupport project of the FullProject solution (or in TemplateSupport/TemplateSupport under the trunk).

Names in the infrastructure end with the suffix "Info." This distinguishes them from the metadata information which is suffixed with the word "Data." This is important because there are often identically named concepts that appear in two very different forms. For example: ObjectData represents data about the entity level for creating .NET code. What object are you creating code for and its metadata? The Template infrastructure has the quite distinct concept of ObjectInfo which contains data about the actual source code you're currently creating. The same ObjectData is likely to create several ObjectInfo’s, generally during the running of different templates.

TemplateInfrastructure supports both SqlServer and .NET templates. This includes the template interface and template base classes. The interface is used against the engine to allow you to entirely replace the TemplateBase. The TemplateBase is for your convenience.

Currently TemplateInfrastructure is documented through the discussion of the Sample Select Stored Procedure Template

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